Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The weekend started on Friday as it usually does, but this Friday we went to the Vatican Museums to see the Sistine Chapel and all the other...things. Just kidding, everything was beautiful there and we really enjoyed ourselves. But, as you can see from the photos we loved seeing open windows and taking pictures of the outside. The Sistine Chapel was grandiose and dark. No pictures allowed yet everyone took them. We sat in there for a good 30 mintutes staring at the ceiling revered by so many. What a masterpiece of skill and art. But more importantly, after the museums we went to eat the best Tiramisu in all of Rome. I was so excited and saved room at dinner so I could indulge in the sweet cacao dream that was tiramisu. We arrived at Pompi and I ordered it with a coffee. Let me first of all say that I love tiramisu and I would consider myself pretty knowledgable in all its attributes... Now this tiramisu was so far beyond any I have ever eaten I had now words. I LOVED it. Absolutely phenomenal, so good that I thought they were joking. (Mom, we are going when you get here and you will know what I mean). I took a napkin with the name of the place so I will always remember the King of Tiramisu.

What a beautiful weekend in Rome! My friend Antonio came from Sicily and stayed with us at our apartment in Trastevere. I picked him up from the Train Station and we begun our weekend fun. He met all the guys and then we decided to go explore some of Rome! Tony loves Rome, but hates walking...a bit of a problem. Anyway, we walked to Piazza Venezia which holds a very large government building as well as a monument of sorts. Then we walked the famous Via del Corso. It was so busy that everybody was just walking in the streets! We took this all the way up to the northern gate of Rome, Piazza del Popolo. This is one of my favorite spots in Rome. From it you can see three major roads built to connect the renaissance city. They all converge at Piazza del Popolo with a magnificent Obelisk at its center. Here, we stopped for some lunch at a restuarant and I ate bolognese with fresh bread and red wine. Also, per usual, an espresso at the end of the meal and a glass of water after that.

Once our bellies were filled and our thirst quenched we walked to the enormous park in Rome called Villa Borghese. Once we entered its lush green depths, Rome was drowned out and replaced by this serene atmosphere filled with birds and running water. Fountains were every 100m and the paths were small stones that crunched under our steps. What a change to walk into the heart of nature after being in ancient Rome!! This walk brought us laughter and fun as we joked around and took pictures of all the new sights. Tony's pace is very slow, and so it took us a bit to walk anywhere, but I found it enjoyable, it gave us time to appreciate what we were seeing in every aspect. Stopping at an outdoor cafe tucked in the woods gave us a small respite as we drank our macchiatos, cappuccinos, and coffees. The sun threw shadows in every direction as it hit the leaves making a constant flicker all around the park. Archways and statues solidly stood watching everything. Tony and I spoke of school, life, and Italy. He always speaks in english, so stubborn in that way, so I return and only speak in italian. I think each of us really wants the other to switch languages, but this will never happen. It is great practice for each of us and we both help eachother out whenever mistakes are made.

We ended our adventure of the green woods of Rome at the Spanish steps where they touch. From here we walked on Via Condotti which is where the stores are like: Gucci, Prada, Fendi...etc... We walked all the way home from their much to the disapproval of Tony, he got over it though. It was too funny.

Dinner was Sushi. Japanese sushi that is. I loved it! I ate it all! Except once I said thank you in japanese to the bus girl she says she is then I speak some chinese, she is overjoyed but my lack of vocabulary halts our conversation. Therefore I return to Italian but she says she doesn't speak it yet. Now I'm really confused and I try english but to no avail. O well, we tried 4 languages and we couldn't work, not for lack of effort!

After dinner we went to Campo di Fiori and all the bars there. Then we went to our normal bar in Trastevere. It was a really fun night for all of us. Tony enjoyed himself and slept till 1 the next day! Wow!

Everyday Tony and I went to Sant'Eustachio Caffe' which is rated one of the best coffees in the world. So I had a cappuccino and macchiato there whenever we went. It was very good. He loved it because he knows the difference betweem coffee anyway and told me how good it was.

Unfortunately, as Sunday and Monday rolled around he had to return home. All the roomates really liked him and he fit in well with us. We had a phenomenal weekend and I look forward to visiting him within the coming weeks!

Now, I must pack for Greece and do some homework. I will write again once I return! Ciao!


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